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The Power of Belief


The power of belief creates our results because we act based on our beliefs and then our actions create our reality. Any belief we have whether it is true or not can change the way we respond to events in our lives. Therefore we have ultimate control over our lives if we choose to shape our beliefs to serve us rather than vice versa.

Belief precedes knowledge. We see our world through a filter, shaping the facts to fit our pre-existing beliefs. Did your mother ever say, "Don't go out with wet hair, you'll catch a cold."  For most of us, when new facts come to light that support our belief system, we assimilate them. When new facts call our beliefs into question, we ignore them. My health improved dramatically when I decided, "I don't do sick!"

Beliefs are powerful in that they shape the kind of society we create. People that believe others are aggressive and violent treat their neighbours with suspicion and distrust. Is it any wonder arguments break out. Communities built on this premise develop into aggressive and war faring societies.

Belief in money as a source of happiness creates a materialistic and competitive world. Belief in the importance of control and domination creates a society of castes. A strong belief transferred to others becomes powerful and that can be good or bad. A benevolent system or a totalitarian system is based on simple belief. Not giving ourselves credit for our own intelligence, often we seek advice from others believing they have the answers. When we convince ourselves that someone else is stronger, smarter or more capable  we choose our own enslavement.

Have you ever challenged your own beliefs? Parents, friends, mentors,  teachers and the the media contribute to our belief systems. At one workshop I was at the facilitator said "Take what you like and throw the rest away," leaving us to choose what would work best for us. How often to we accept blindly what is presented to us. 

Rather than accepting everything at face value, we should choose to look deeper and find the underlying meaning and value the idea offers us. This is our responsibility if we truly want to change the world. What if we have control of our beliefs? We could shape a radically different world. Choosing positive beliefs instead of embracing cults of death and sacrifice would be life affirming! Choosing beliefs of the value of dignity and self-esteem and passing them on the next generation would make our world a beautiful, peaceful place to live!

Beliefs like habits require effort to change but it can be done. When significant events in our lives or in our friends and family's lives, touch our hearts and minds they are a catalyst for change. Rarely do intellectual arguments change one's beliefs or habits.

Be careful what you believe or wish for because in all cases they shape your reality.

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