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The Coaching Session
Your coaching session will be more successful if you hold it in a private location. Only you and the other person should be present. Allow plenty of uninterrupted time for discussion. A warm and friendly, calm and positive attitude will ensure a good beginning. Greet the person with a smile, and begin the session.

  • Describe specifically the reason for the discussion. For example, you could say to a salesperson, "Anna, I would like to discuss closing skills with you."
  • Express your concern about the area of performance you would like improved. "Iíve noticed that you donít seem to be getting the sales that you indicated when we talked about your goals."
  • Describe the impact the performance problem has on you and others. "This means that you have been discouraged and are communicating that to your team members, in effect discouraging them too."
  • Acknowledge and listen to the other person. The person may apologize, offer excuses and offer to do better. Listen to whatever is said.
  • Seek the person's opinion on ways to improve performance. "What can be done to improve your attitude and your ability to sell?"
  • Discuss solutions. Work with the person to develop a list of possible solutions, and discuss the merits of each one.
  • Offer suggestions when appropriate, but build on the person's ideas when possible. "Consistency in doing your appointments will give you a better skill level and that when you have a problem you will talk to me instead of your team members. .sound good."
  • Agree on a solution and actions to be taken. "So we agree: For the next month you will consistently hold 3 appointments a week and we will talk a couple of times a week to track your progress."
  • Follow up, checking progress with the person to ensure accountability. "How did your last appointment go?"
  • Praise positive results. "Anne told me you seem much happier these days."
  • As you coach, remember to:
  • Keep your feedback related to behavior.
  • Avoid judgments by describing rather than evaluating behavior.
  • Use "I" statements rather then "you" statements to reduce defensiveness. Say "I'm concerned that your members are getting discouraged?"
  • Speak calmly. Use unemotional language, tone and gestures. Say, "I'm sure that with with consistent effort you will see the results you deserve," not "Now you'll finally be able to do your job."

Through this process of coaching you will help people deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.


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