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Goal Setting ... Your Roadmap to Success!

Opportunity Knocks… Will You Answer?
Are you sick and tired of missing out on the banquet of life? Then step up to the plate, take a bite out of life and savor its sweetness! All that is required is a personal development plan and some
goal setting tools and techniques.

A lot of hard work is lost but for a little more effort. Follow up is one of the components that determine the quality of your results and one of the most frequently neglected. It is one of the reasons why our resolutions to do better each January, fall by the wayside.

Generally, the people that succeed are the ones who attack their goal setting with dogged determination, the ones who track their progress, evaluate and readjust their tasks or deadlines as required. Any leader realizes that a goal is a work in progress and that it takes on a life of it's own once the vision is conceived and acted upon. It does not matter what you say but what you do. Your actions speak far louder than words. When you make a mistake, don't make excuses, just change your course of action and continue to the finish line.

Did you know that leaders have three attributes?

  • Vision
  • Value
  • Influence

Achieving a goal is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage and dedication. The few who have chosen, not the chosen few, will succeed. Your choices and vision of the future today, will determine your lifestyle tomorrow.

If the vision is great enough and the determination and excitement are high enough, the law of attraction states that you will create a magnetic energy that literally draws it to you!


Psychic Hotline
New Clients Get
FREE Minutes!





Invest your time, energy and money wisely. When you do not perform your best, you are cheating everyone you know that is connected with you in one way or another! Goal setting is considerate to your family, who will feast at the banquet of life rather than just getting by because you chose to waste your time instead of using your time constructively. Consider your business associates who look to you for encouragement and guidance. Consider your feelings of self worth when you continually fail to work hard enough to make the goal happen. There is pride in goal setting and achieving a difficult goal. No one gets to the top alone or with out a plan. The value you create in the lives of is indicative of the success in your own life.

You must be a "Woman of Excellence" to be a "Woman of Influence". Increase your charisma, smile, be a woman of your word! If you promise something to someone, then do it, no excuses. Vibrant energy and joy are contagious. Others want to be around excited, active and successful people. Stand tall and walk with confidence. How you present yourself says volumes about you.

Mary Kay Ash, the cosmetics entrepreneur once said, "You cannot teach what you do not know and you cannot lead where you do not go! I challenge you to be a Woman of Vision, Value and Influence!

Make a list of 100 items that you would like to have, do or be. What do you really want and what will you not settle for? Choose the one goal that feels the most important to you at this time. Then ask yourself these questions; 


  • Is it measurable and achievable and makes me stretch?
  • What will it cost me if I don’t achieve it?
  • What are the pain and pleasure motivators?
  • Do I really want this or need this and how will goal setting help me achieve this faster?
  • Do I know someone who has been successful at this that I can ask to be my mentor?

Convert it into a 30 day goal.

  • In your goal setting identify key categories that need to be achieved
  • Think in terms of breakthrough achievement
  • What is predictable?
  • What would breakthrough results look like!
  • What are possible future results that your passion in achieving this could bring forth?
  • Break the goal down into bite size pieces
  • Prioritize each and every item and plan your strategy for dealing with the challenges you know may arise.

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