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Resistance is Futile ~ Let the Law of Allowing Work for You


 "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Seems everyone else has all the luck. Have you ever thought that things just don't work for you? You try and force "your luck", doing all the things you know you should do but still with that gnawing feeling in your gut that it probably won't work this time either. Whether in relationships, business or your personal life, success still seems to elude you.

You are resisting the "flow" which is the only way the universe sends her goodies to you. You are paddling upstream and just can't paddle any faster. You feel you have been stuck in the same spot, forever. However, everyday is different and every day you draw to you what you are focusing on. 

The only way to change the results in your life is to change the focus. Paddle with the river! Go with the flow and the tasks become easy. Allowing God or the universe to assist you in your desires, results in a massive shift. The most important thing is that you FEEL GOOD about whatever it is that you are doing. If a relationship doesn't feel good, it probably isn't good! Pay attention to your gut feelings, the area around your solar plexus. You will have a better idea if you are allowing the "flow" in you life or if you are resisting something.

Ask yourself what it is you are resisting? Is it that the relationship is just not working but you have put too much time into it? What if you don’t meet someone else? Is the job your security blanket? It is a really good income but …you hate the work? Figure out what causes the knot in your gut then eliminate it and restore the “flow” in your life. Doing what you love and feeling passionate about you’re the people and activities in your life will pull all sorts of wonderful synchronicities to you. At that point people will be pointing to you and saying, “He/She has all the luck”!

Delsey Kathryn, has practiced meditation for 30 years and is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and gifted psychic reader. For a free 3 minute psychic reading click the button below.


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Updated: 05-Nov-2009

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