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Is 68 Seconds Worth It to Magnetize Your Future with the Law of Attraction!

Is 68 seconds worth it to magnetize your future with the Law of Attraction? Ever caught yourself complaining about something…and it went on for five, ten minutes or more? Do you realize what you have done in those few minutes? You have activated the Law of Attraction to bring you more of the same “stuff” you’ve just been complaining about. 

Have you ever wondered why things don’t change for you? For one week, write down what your predominant thoughts are during the day. These are the ones that cause you to become passionate about something. Passion about what you love or what makes you furious triggers the magnetic force of the universe. 

Every time you think or discuss with passion for at least 68 seconds you create what Abraham calls “rockets of desire.” You put into escrow all those things that are just waiting to manifest for you. By choosing your thoughts and emotions more carefully you change your outcomes.

Our emotions are a tool to help us discover where we are putting our energy. By identifying your most predominant thoughts, you can choose whether or not they serve you. Are the results you are seeing in your life, positive or negative? Do you have satisfying relationships, financial abundance, and a healthy, strong body or are your relationships stressful and full of anger, your finances a disaster, and are you overweight and unhealthy. Every day you choose what you focus on, don’t you? 

Look at the people you hang out with. Are they positive and successful or are they the “complainers” around the water cooler? Describe the success quotient of the five people you hang out with the most. Are they people you aspire to be like? If not, look for enthusiastic, focused, successful people to cultivate as friends. Keep in mind what positive qualities you can offer them with your friendship… they may be searching for a quality circle of friends too!

The Law of Attraction tells us that just 68 seconds of focused, passionate thought and visualization on your desires will draw to it another thought about how good it could be, and another thought of what that would mean to you and your family, and another thought about how good it would feel and so on. The passion continues to grow and the “rockets of desire” shoot off, drawing to you those very things. Ultimately what shows up in your life is your choice. What passions will your 68 seconds of visualization magnetize and manifest for you today?

Psychic Hotline
New Clients Get
FREE Minutes!


Delsey Kathryn, has practiced meditation for 30 years and is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and gifted psychic reader. For a free 3 minute psychic reading click the button below.


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The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.
--Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Now is the only time there is. Make your now wow, your minutes miracles, and your days pay. Your life will have been magnificently lived and invested, and when you die you will have made a difference.
--Mark Victor Hansen


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